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Lifesparkz is presently swimming in new initiatives, online business platforms, ideas, people and thoughts about the thousands aspects of CROWDSOURCING





This is a party that is going on all over the world but is just only taking off in Denmark. Crowdsourcing is in broad terms about connecting people through internet portals and use these connections to match needs and resources in new ways. It can be for funding, idea creation, matching a job to be done to a person able of doing it, finding a place to stay in a foreign city or the right designer for your ideal wedding dress. New concrete initiatives of crowdsourcing see the day as we speak.


If you want to learn about crowdsourcing, don't hesitate to get in touch.


I will be happy to present ideas and trends to your company


- either as a session with your crowd: creative- and development teams, communication- and marketing teams or leaders

// work-shop/go-home-meeting/inspirational talks


- or as a //one2one session with your management team


I write articles about crowdsourcing in one way or another in the blog:

Words to heartful action. I have just edited the March 2015 issue of FUTURIBLERNE. It is the online journal of the Association of Future Studies in Denmark.


In need of a researcher in your field to innovate your business?

I will be happy to help you to do //research and write newsletters/reports for you to use as a base for deciding upon your company's future actions


I am currently doing the crowdfunding campaign Race for a Reason. I raise money for Danish Refugee Council as I participate in Ironman Copenhagen 2015. Please make your donation through this link.


Looking forward to sharing ideas with you!


Tina Baltzer

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